What awaits in Västerås?

That is up to you. Västerås is a city full of opportunity, and a place that can become what you make of it. Situated in the heart of Lake Mälaren, the city is easy to fall in love with. But it’s not just a beautiful shoreline that welcomes you, genuine Swedish nature and the buzz of a pulsating city also await.

Nearby Lake Mälaren is Västerås Concert Hall, right next to the iconic skyscraper Skrapan. Close by, you will fi nd the historic tumulus Anundshög. And further away, out in the Västmanland region, you will find the beautiful Sala Silvermine. We offer traditional meeting settings. And for the untraditional, more personal encounter, why not have your management meeting at the half-sunken Ooops Hotel? We offer a city full of opportunities.

What awaits you?

  • Aros Congress Center ©Pia Nordlander

  • Mälaren ©Pia Nordlander

  • Kokpunkten, The Steam Hotel ©Pia Nordlander

  • Västerås City, Aros Congress Center, First Hotel Plaza ©Leon Grimaldi

  • Rocklunda ©Lennart Hyse