Västerås is the world’s 10th most sustainable meetings city!


In Västerås we are committed to being a sustainable meetings city. We recently took part in an international benchmark study to measure our sustainability compared with other cities around the world and we are pleased to announce that Västerås has been ranked as the 8th most sustainable meetings city in the world.


1. Gothenburg 92%
2. Oslo 85%
3. Copenhagen och Reykjavik 82%
4. Glasgow 80%
5. Stuttgart 79%
6. Helsinki 78%
7. Uppsala 77%
8. Zürich 76%
9. Malmö 74%
10. Västerås 69%

The key factor to this ranking is the city’s environmental work in combination with businesses that can supply environmentally certified products and services within the events industry.

Visit the GDS-index for more information and to compare us with other towns and cities around the world.


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