The largest moving solar park in the Nordic region

©LAJ Illustration AB

As the high-tech city we are, Västerås is proud to be home to the Nordic region’s largest moving solar park for the production of electricity.

”MegaWattparken”, the largest moving solar park in the Nordic region, opened in Västerås at the beginning of 2014 and its 91 solar trackers produce approximately 1,200 megawatt hours of electricity per year, the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of 300-400 households. These solar trackers follow the lightest part of the sky for maximum utilisation of radiation. The park is situated alongside the E18 motorway between Västerås and Enköping and covers an area of about 40 000 square metres.

The solar park, which is owned by the company Kraftpöjkarna, is a joint project run by Kraftpöjkarna AB and the municipal energy company Mälarenergi AB. Mälardalen University and ABB are also involved in carrying out research at MegaWattparken.