Expectrum – the meeting place that inspires an interest in science and technology


Expectrum is a development centre and meeting place that promotes new forms of collaboration between young people, researchers, companies and innovators. The goal is to use creativity and inspiration to trigger an interest in technology among young people and to give them the opportunity to discover things that they might never have otherwise come into contact with.

One of the region’s goals is to increase students’ interest in science and technology in order to expand the recruitment base for technology-based companies in Sweden. Expectrum is a vital piece of the puzzle for arousing the younger generation’s interest in our technically strong region.

Expectrum is a new kind of meeting place and an innovation in its own right. Its working methods and the design of its premises make it possible to hold exciting meetings. It is where school children, entrepreneurs, academics and public organisations gather together in a creative environment and it offers different courses and workshops. The technical upper secondary school Wijkmanska gymnasiet, part of Teknikcollege Mälardalen, is in the same building.

By contributing to establishing the Västerås region as a centre of innovation and technology in Sweden, Expectrum aims at making it easier for companies to find the right expertise and to develop and effectuate innovative ideas.