All the classic views of Västerås are just a short walk away

©Clifford Shirley

The view from the Apotekarbron bridge is perhaps the number one view to photograph in Västerås and is a popular scene on postcards and magnets as well as in brochures. But where can you see all the classic views of Västerås?

Start at the magnificent Västerås Cathedral, then walk to the well-known statue of the cyclists, Aseaströmmen, on the main square. From there, it is close to the Apotekarbron bridge where you can see one of the most famous Västerås motifs: beautiful old buildings on each side of the Svartån River and the City Hall in the background. If you follow the river you will pass Stadsparken, Västerås Castle and Vasaparken before finally arriving at the harbour, which is home to the classic Elba ferryboat.

Västerås Tourist Center will be happy to give you more tips on classic Västerås views!

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