2017, the year when we have a great deal to celebrate


Västerås’ thousand-year history is evident all across the city. 2017 we celebrate several birthdays and the new opened hotel The Steam.

Reformation anniversary
1517 was the year that Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg, Germany. It is an anniversary that will be celebrated all over the world. Västerås is one of the cities in Sweden that the reformation had the greatest impact on, and that won’t go unnoticed in 2017.

The Steam Hotel
When ESS Group opens The Steam Hotel at Kokpunkten, a new destination will be created in Västerås.
– The hotel and the experience will be worth making a detour for and we hope that the residents of Västerås will be just as proud as we are, says Carl Lundgren, ESS Group.

H&M’s 70th anniversary
Did you know that H&M, or Hennes as it was called back then, was founded in Västerås? After 70 years this once little Västerås company is now a huge international name.

ICA’s 100th anniversary
Västerås resident Hakon Swenson created the basic idea that thousands of small independent retailers could join forces to achieve economies of scale. He succeeded and in 2017 Ica will be celebrating across Sweden, not least in Västerås, the city where it all began.

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