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Västerås has a history that dates back a thousand years and a future to be reckoned with. A population of 140 000 makes us the fifth largest city in Sweden and we are extremely popular both as a commercial city and as a place to study. Cooperation is our keyword.

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Take the bus to Engsö this summer!

The summer was the premiere of the new VL's summer bus line in Västerås - bus line 35. The bus stops at Kungsbyn's animal park and travels all the way to the beautiful nature reserve island, Engsö.


Västerås’ Tourist Magazine

Västerås Magasin 2017/2018 is full of interesting and exciting information for tourists and residents alike.


2017 – an important jubilee year!

There are many good reasons to call 2017 an important year in Västerås and we will be celebrating by following the footsteps that lead from our past to our future. 


H&M 70 years

On Monday 15 September 1947 there was a 20-line article in the newspaper VLT about the opening of a store the previous Saturday. The caption read: ”Great little store in Västerås”.
That little store isn’t so little any longer. In fact it was the first of 4000 stores in what was to become the world’s largest clothing chain…


Västerås Jubilee folder 2017

Every age has its surprises and asks the question ”where will this end”. And as only time will tell, the answer lies in the future.