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Västerås has a history that dates back a thousand years and a future to be reckoned with. A population of 140 000 makes us the fifth largest city in Sweden and we are extremely popular both as a commercial city and as a place to study. Cooperation is our keyword.

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My Västerås

Winter is at its warmest on Lake Mälaren, Nils-Erik

”My favourite place to go is Östra Holmen. Particularly when the sun is shining and the entire bay is laid out in front of you. And when you turn round there is an amazing view of the whole city.”

My Västerås

A city full of possibilities, Diana Kambugu Nannyonjo

”Västerås is both small and big. Small in terms of how easy it is to reach different channels and people and large in the way that there is enough room for a whole world of opportunity.”

My Västerås

The streets are alive, Annelie Salminen

”There are a lot of proactive people in Västerås and I am drawn to them. People that want things. People that say yes to things.”

My Västerås

Change involves having the courage to take risks, Mikael Genberg

”The first time I suggested building a house up a tree in Vasaparken, the head of culture looked up at me and said; ’Micke, that’s a fantastic idea, but nothing will ever come of it!”

My Västerås

A meeting place, from a technical point of view, Emma Nehrenheim

”There is so much quality of life here. I need earth around my feet to feel really balanced.”

My Västerås

A city without walls, Tony Lorenzi.

”Everyone wants to live in a town where people care about each other. My duty as a citizen is to do my best to ensure that Västerås becomes that kind of place.”

My Västerås

Pay it forward, Benjamin Kalinovic

”Västerås has got the idea. By investing in youngsters, they are investing in the city.”


Our Västerås

A town is nothing without the people that live and work in it. Every single person has his or her own story to contribute. A town is at its best when it’s growing.