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Västerås has a history that dates back a thousand years and a future to be reckoned with. A population of 140 000 makes us the fifth largest city in Sweden and we are extremely popular both as a commercial city and as a place to study. Cooperation is our keyword.

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Too late for breakfast but too early for lunch? At weekends you don’t have to choose, eat brunch instead!


All the classic views of Västerås are just a short walk away

The view from the Apotekarbron bridge is perhaps the number one view to photograph in Västerås and is a popular scene on postcards and magnets as well as in brochures. But where can you see all the classic views of Västerås?

To do

Västerås shoreline – a gem all year round!

It’s all happening on the shores of Lake Mälaren in Västerås! The two latest additions to the many exciting activities, beautiful lakeside walks and brand new housing developments are the popular city beach Lögastrand and the thrilling action water park Kokpunkten.

My Västerås

My Västerås by Emma Renvall

Emma Renvall is a tourist information officer at Västerås Tourist Center. When she’s giving people advice about what to do in Västerås, one of her tips is to go out on Lake Mälaren.

My Västerås

My Västerås by Gabriella Nyman

Gabriella works as a tourist information officer at Västerås Tourist Center. Gabriella, what’s the best thing about shopping in Västerås?

My Västerås

My Västerås by Linda Eklund

Linda works as a tourist information officer at Västerås Tourist Center. Linda, which events do you go to in Västerås?

My Västerås

My Västerås by Frida Axelsson

Frida works as a tourist information officer at Västerås Tourist Center. Frida, which is your family’s favourite beach in Västerås?


Shop in Västerås

Archaeological excavations show that Västerås has been a trading post ever since the late 10th century, so you could say that commerce is the backbone of this city.


The big carfest can begin for the 30th time in Västerås

On 3-5 July, it's time again. For the 30th year in Västerås. The world's largest car meet for American cars. Better known under the name Power Big Meet.

- We must have done something right, says founder and General Kjell "Kjelle-Power" Gustavsson with a smile.


Enjoy a meal on the shores of Lake Mälaren

Lake Mälaren is an important part of everyday life for the residents of Västerås and along its shores there are a number of fine restaurants with wonderful views.


Open-air restaurants

Summer is here and it’s time to do what thousands of Västerås’ residents like doing at this time of year – al fresco dining!

Bars and Nightclubs

The bars are moving outdoors!

Summer is here and Västerås’ bars are moving out into the great outdoors! Here is a list of the bars in Västerås that have their own outdoor spaces.


Celebrate Sweden’s National Day on 6 June

Sweden celebrates its National Day on June 6 and you can take part in the celebrations at Djäkneberget in Västerås.


New route for Elba Ferry

The classic Elba Ferry has a new route now that the pier Brygga Öster Mälarstrand has opened.


Västerås’ Visitors and Events Magazine

Västerås Magasin 2013/2014 is full of interesting and exciting information for tourists and residents alike.


”Oh, well. What’s a royal ball?”

Västerås has three magnificent castles, Engsö Castle, Tidö Castle and Västerås Castle, that you must visit while you are here. Get a feel of how the nobility lived.


Take a dip in Västerås!

Västerås has many beaches and pools where you can take a refreshing dip.


Free Wifi

QuickNetFree is a Wifi network in Västerås without registration requirements and login.