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Västerås has a history that dates back a thousand years and a future to be reckoned with. A population of 140 000 makes us the fifth largest city in Sweden and we are extremely popular both as a commercial city and as a place to study. Cooperation is our keyword.

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My Västerås

My Västerås by Tiina Magnusson

”Tiina the hairdresser”, as she’s known in Västerås, is a well-known face in the city, especially after having taken part in a reality TV show.

My Västerås

My Västerås by Niklas Lindström

Niklas Lindström, 45, is from Stockholm and is a former top athlete who has swapped city stress for the tranquillity of the countryside. He lives in Nybynäs on the outskirts of Västerås and he loves it.

My Västerås

My Västerås by Dan Linder

Dan Linder is a writer, linguist, radio presenter and lecturer with a weakness for fountain pens. Here, he shares with us some of Västerås’ gems.