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Västerås has a history that dates back a thousand years and a future to be reckoned with. A population of 140 000 makes us the fifth largest city in Sweden and we are extremely popular both as a commercial city and as a place to study. Cooperation is our keyword.

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My Västerås

My Västerås by Anna Torneryd

Systrarna Ericsson Bakeryshop & Cafeteria is a central meeting point for coffee and cake lovers in Västerås. You definitely shouldn’t miss their sourdough bread that they bake themselves.

My Västerås

My Västerås by David Larsson

David is an out-and-out party guy who’s at his happiest when he’s brightening up people’s evenings out with colourful drinks and a big smile.

My Västerås

My Västerås by Josefina Sköld

Forestry consultant Josefina has just become a mum. She loves good food and she likes spending time on and around Lake Mälaren. 


Student in Västerås

There is so much to discover as a student in Västerås. Combine the academic setting of the university with a vibrant nightlife and masses of activities all around the city. Get to know your new home town and discover all the pleasures that Västerås has to offer!


LegoJesus and on of the world’s largest bead board

The church at Önsta Gryta has two unusual works of art: a lego statue that is a copy of Bertel Thorvaldsen’s Christus at the Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen and an enormous bead board that represents Leonardo da Vinci’s painting The Last Supper from Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan.


The historical Västerås

Västerås’ thousand-year history is evident all across the city. Sweden’s largest prehistoric burial mound, a cathedral that dates back to the 13th century and the Botanical Garden, which is the oldest student garden in Sweden and has its roots in the 18th century, are just a few examples.


Museums in Västerås

Västerås has a wide range of different kinds of museums. You can look admire toys, aircraft, art, historical items, engines and so much more besides.


Book activities online

You haven’t missed the fact that you can book activities online, have you? There is so much to do here, and, whether you want to explore the depths of the Sala Silvermine, tear around on a Segway or take a boat trip out on Lake Mälaren, it is incredibly easy to book it yourself.


Cultural cafés

If you would like to enjoy a cup of coffee in historical surroundings then you won’t be spoilt for choice here in Västerås.


The technological city of Västerås

Västerås is a city that has been greatly influenced by technology over the years. A great number of museums and sights bear witness to the importance of technology on the city and they are all well worth a visit!

Barer och klubbar

Västerås nightlife

Västerås city centre has a rich nightlife with many great clubs and bars. Dance to the latest hits at a club, enjoy a pint of British ale at a pub or sip on a cocktail as you admire the view of the city.


Open-air cafés

What is more summery than enjoying a coffee and cake outdoors? Sun worshippers can enjoy the wide choice of open-air cafés in and around the city.


Book your accommodation online

Spend the night among the treetops in Vasaparken, in a comfortable room in a skyscraper or in a charming room in the countryside. There are plenty of different forms of accommodation on offer to suit all wallets.


Star-rated restaurants in Västerås

We have some excellent restaurants in Västerås, some of which are even presented in the White Guide, Sweden’s leading restaurant guide.


Lakeside living

If you have always fancied staying close to water, Västerås has plenty of lakeside accommodation options to offer. You can even spend the night above or below the surface of the water!


City living

If you would like to spend the night in the city centre close to the shops, sights and nightlife, Västerås offers plenty of alternatives.


Unique accommodation in Västerås and Västmanland

Take the opportunity to enjoy the experience of a lifetime by spending the night somewhere unique. Hotell Utter Inn, Hotell Hackspett, Ooops Hotell, Sala Mine Suite and the forest huts at Kolarbyn attract tourists from all over the world!