Västerås Castle

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Västerås Castle is situated in central Västerås with a view of Vasapark, the Svartån River and Lake Mälaren. This magnificent 13th century building is steeped in history.

The castle received its current appearance in the mid-16th century when it was altered and rebuilt by King Gustav Vasa. Prince Erik, the successor to the throne, was given his own rooms here but little did he know that the castle would become his prison.

Erik XIV was locked up in this ”dark prison” and separated from his consort Karin Månsdotter and their children between 14 June 1573 and 16 October 1574 before being moved to Örbyhus where, so the story goes, he was poisoned with pea soup. His body was then returned to Västerås and buried in the cathedral.


For guided tours of the castle: +46 21 39 32 69
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