Hotell Hackspett

Vasaparken, Västerås Show on map

Hotell Hackspett (Hotel Woodpecker) is another brainchild of the artist Mikael Genberg. Hotell Hackspett is situated 13 metres above ground in the stateliest oak tree in Västerås.

Not one single nail has been used to anchor the hotel to the tree; instead it is suspended from wires that each bear about 1.5 tons. Allow yourself to be harnessed up for an adventure of a lifetime or observe it from the ground and let your imagination run wild!

The hotel’s only room is very simple with a 120-cm bed, crockery, 10 litres of fresh water, refrigeration and a dry toilet but no heating or electricity. Meals can be enjoyed on the veranda, from where there is an amazing view of the park. Guests get to and from the hotel in a harness.

The season for the hotel stretches from April to October. You book the hotel through Västerås Tourist Center +46 21 39 01 00.

Right now it is not possible to book Hotel Hackspett (Woodpecker). 

  • Telephone:+46 21 39 01 00


Not open during the winter
Hot plate, 10-litre can of water, refrigeration.

  • Rooms:1
  • Non smoking
Keywords: Close to nature