Folkets bar & restaurang

Kopparbergvägen 27, 722 13 Västerås Show on map

Folkets is a sophisticated bar and restaurant that offers a stylish setting that flirts with the 1960s.

In the cocktail bar, craftsmanship is combined with originality when the bartenders use fresh seasonal fruit to put their own special touch to the exciting selection of classic drinks and new creations.

The restaurant has an international flavour and serves delicious food using the best ingredients that are available here and now.

 Recommended by White Guide 2014. 



Restaurang Varda

Varda has something for everyone, whether you want to eat lunch or dinner or just enjoy a drink. This popular bar and restaurant is just as busy at lunchtime as it is in the evening.

Vasagatan 14, 722 15 Västerås


This relaxed and intimate restaurant is divided into a grill room, a tapas lounge and a cocktail bar and has a menu that offers a wide variety of dishes, including tapas, meat and fish.

Stora Gatan 36, 722 12 Västerås

Bistro Gränden

A pure bistro with great food, a bar and a deli counter for food-loving and hungry guests.

Smedjegatan 7, 722 13 Västerås

Kajplats 9

When you enter Kajplats 9, you step right into the open kitchen and the market hall, where the refrigerators are packed with oysters and lobsters alongside take-out lunches, cheeses and cold meats.

Sjötullsgatan 2, 722 10 Västerås