Engsö Castle

Engsö Slott, 725 98 Västerås Show on map

Engsö Castle outside Västerås is well worth a visit. Besides being a beautiful building in picturesque surroundings, rumour has it that it is haunted!

The castle’s isolated position on the enchanting island of Ängsö has contributed to keeping its myths and traditions alive. Engsö was first named in a royal charter issued at the end of the 12th century.

The Sparre and Piper families have rebuilt, extended and improved this medieval stone building over the centuries and the castle’s current appearance dates back to the 1740s.

Engsö Castle is renowned all over the world for its ghosts and for the thin five-foot-long ”Engsökedjan” chain embedded in its walls. According to legend, the chain was won by Johan Sigismund Sparre, the last of his line, in a game of dice with the devil himself.