Anundshög – Sweden’s largest burial mound

Anundshög, 725 96 Västerås Show on map

Anundshög is Sweden’s largest burial mound, 9 m high and 64 m in diameter: the mound is probably from about 900 AD and it is said that King Bröt-Anund is buried here, although it has never been proven.

As early as the Stone Age in around 2500 BC, people began to settle on the long ridge that was formed when the inland ice receded. Ancient trade routes and waterways converged around the Badelunda ridge and for centuries this area was a cultural centre for the entire west Mälardalen region.

This was where people gathered at ”things” right up until the Middle Ages. This was where they made sacrifices to their gods and, later on in history, prayed to the new Christian god. This was where they buried their dead. These glory days lasted throughout the Iron Age, i.e. from around 500 BC to about 1050 AD, making this one of Sweden’s richest and largest areas of ancient remains.

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