Fun facts about Västerås

Did you know that...

  • The 380 km of cycle paths make Västerås one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in Sweden.
  • Erik XIV is buried in Västerås Cathedral. Since the sarcophagus was too short, they were forced to chop off his feet and place them beside his body.
  • The spire of the cathedral is 92 m high, the skyscraper is 81 m high, the city hall is 65 m high and Ottarkontet (home of ABB’s Swedish headquarters) is 64 m high.
  • Västerås has the largest inland harbour in Scandinavia.
  • Gustav Vasa held two parliamentary sessions in Västerås that changed the future of Sweden. He abolished Catholicism in 1527 and established the hereditary monarchy in 1544.
  • Västerås gherkins started to be grown in the 18th century by the German gardener Bernhard Johan Bohnsack. They were sold throughout Sweden and even exported to Europe.
  • Sweden’s first upper secondary school was founded in Västerås in 1623.
  • The last execution in Västerås took place on 10 December 1900.
  • H&M, the multinational chain of clothes shops, and the food retailing giant ICA were both founded in Västerås.
  • Gryta’s waste disposal centre is Sweden’s leading collector of organic waste that is converted into biogas.
  • Västerås is home to three of the hotels created by the artist Mikael Genberg:  the underwater Hotell Utter Inn, the floating Ooops Hotell and the treetop Hotell Hackspett.
  • There are two unique depictions of Jesus in Västerås – one in LEGO and one in beads! The LEGO Jesus is made from 30,000 LEGO bricks and Leonardo da Vinci’s world-famous painting ”The Last Supper” has been recreated using 450,000 beads, making it the largest bead board in the world.

Famous people connected to Västerås
Mikael Genberg – Artist Jenny Widegren,Bounce –Dancer
Little Gerhard – Musician Erik Ersberg, Hockey – Sportsman
Gunborg Wildh – Author Lars Ekborg – Actor
Gunnar Larsson, swimmer – Sportsman Marit Söderström, Sailor – Sportsman
Georg Scott, Boxer – Sportsman Stefan "Lillis" Jonsson, Bandy – Sportsman
Ola Johansson, Bandy – Sportsman Pontus Kåmark, Football – Sportsmanl
Mattias Andréasson – Singer Tommy Salo, Hockey - Sportsman
Niklas Lidström, Hockey – Sportsman Fredrik "Benke" Rydman, Bounce – Dancer
David Dalmo, Bounce – Dancer Markus Oscarsson, Canoe – Sportsman
Samuel Fröhler – Actor Bo Setterlind – Author
Tomas Tranströmer – Poet, Nobel Prize winner Torbjörn Nilsson, Football – Sportsman
Magnus Lindgren – Musician Johan Rydström, Golf – Sportsman
Patrik Isaksson, Swimmer – Sportsman Johan Thornberg, Hockey – Sportsman
Lars Wallin – Designer Helena Bergström – Actor
Looptroop Rockers – Singers Hasse Elis Johansson, Bandy – Sportsman
Malena Ernman – Opera singer Pelle Fosshaug, Bandy – Sportsman
Thomas Törnholm – Songwriter, musician Lars Gustafsson – Author
Niklas Backman, Football – Sportsman Loreen Talhaoui - Singer
Rikard Wolff - Actor, singer Patrik Jablonski - Pianist
Carolina Widar, Floorball - Sportsman